Create performances with smart phones - a workshop


Smart phones can do a lot of things – they are not just phones and internet-devices. They are also cameras, flash-lights, microphones. And with apps they can be turned in all kinds of tools. Theaters are spaces where the usage of smartphones usually is prohibited. Neither performers nor audience are supposed to be interacting with their smart phones during a performance. But what if smartphones are used for all the theatrical components that help a show? What if the smartphones make the sound, music, video of a performance? And in what other ways can smartphones help the performers to do things on stage? “PerPhonance” is a creative exploration of all possible ways to use smart phones for live-performances. Participants will direct each other live via smartphone. They will play music and create visuals by amplifying their smart phone signals with sound-systems and video-projectors. The workshop explores, trains and rehearses such new usages of smartphones in order to create a performance that will also instruct the audience how to use their smart phones during the presentation. Smartphone overkill instead of smartphone suppression.
This alternative way of using a smartphone resonates especially well with young people from the age of smart-phone possession (different depending on country/location).


Performing Arts Industry Gatering Berlin
Digital Arts Festival Sofia
PlayAroundFestival Taipei
Ministry for Education of Baden-Württemberg


All participants should at least have 1 smartphone that can be online at no great cost. Ideally the performance takes place in a space that can be darkened and offers free WiFi. There will be one live-camera, one audio-system and one video projector necessary. The workshop can be designed to last for1, 2, 3 or 4 days of 5 – 7 hours each.