All the Word’s a Tablet

All the Word’s a Tablet

No other digital gadget can be used as versatile and creatively as a tablet computer. Due to its wireless nature and a screen as big as a human face, there are numerous ways of using this device for performances. Tablets are more mobile than laptops – so they can be used as masks, props, stage design. Their screens can show live-generated or pre-recorded imagery. Their speakers can play live-spoken or pre-recorded voices or other sounds.
This workshop might share similarities to “PerPhonance”, a workshop that explores the smart phone, but has entirely different ways of using this specific mobile device. Of course these two workshops can be very well combined as a longer media performance workshop with mobile gadgets and creative “hacks” to use them in unexpected ways for the performing arts.



December 2019 at Schloss Rotenfels (Black Forest) , Ministry of Culture Baden Württemberg (under the title “Media Performance”)


Post Theater cannot provide a bigger number of tablets. Tablets should ideally have 13 inch diameter in order to really show faces in 1:1 scale. Either the participants happen to own such devices, or the hosting institution rents them for the duration of the workshop. The ideal choice are iPad Pro tablets.