Fish Tales
The cultural history of “Fish that Changed the World”

Fish Tales

„Fish-Tales“ is a series of performance-projects that deal with fish. Several stories are told – by fish themselves. The series started with a sites-pecific solo in the river Limmat, Zürich and continued with a trio for theater spaces. POST THEATER collaborated very closely with the performers on both choreography and text (Beatrice Fleischlin as tuna, Martin Clausen as herring and Alexander Schröder as cod) according to the guidelines provided by POST THEATER. All three types of fish dealt with share their role as globally traded commodity and the fact that they are important to the cultural and culinary identity for some people.
post theater weaves facts and fiction from unusual perspectives, mostly from the ones of fish. Rather than environmental activism or culinary delights post theater offers both in a disturbing mix.

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post theater has researched the three characters, herring, cod and tuna in three regionally relevant residences in Denmark (herring), Iceland  (cod) and Japan (tuna). The most fish-driven place of all is Japan. It is the single most fish-consuming country in the world. Japan has undoubtedly the most elaborate cuisine around fish, as well as the most sophisticated logistics chain attached to it. From fishery industry to the consumers’ mouths – fish plays a crucial role in Japan.

The thematic complex of fish between overfishing, ecology, economy and the kitchen has inspired several POST THEATER projects beyond “Fish-Tales”: the DIY version “fisch in dir”, a workshop with a fish board-game and the immersive restaurant experience “nekkko – sustainable sushi” emerged from the research, as well as the intergenerational project “Aquarama”.

Premiere and Touring

Premiere site-specific solo version: August 7th, 2009, Stromereinfestival, Zurich
Premiere indoor solo version: December 28th, 2009, Dock 11, Berlin
Premiere indoor trio version: March 12th, 2010, Sophiensaele, Berlin


Artistic director / media art: Hiroko Tanahashi
Co-artistic director / dramaturge: Max Schumacher
Sound art / music: Sibin Vassilev
Performers original version: Alexander Schröder (cod), Martin Clausen (herring), Beatrice Fleischlin (tuna)
Choreography, text: by the performers
Media programming: Yoann Trellu
Technical director: Fabian Bleisch
Production management: Mario Stumpfe

Funded by Senat for Culture, Berlin and Fonds Darstellende Künste. Supported by Stromereien Performance Festival, Zürich (2009), Dock 11 Berlin,
Sophiensaele, Berlin and Schwankhalle Bremen.