Super Gravity Zero Gravity
Media dance performance in different dimensions

Super Gravity Zero Gravity

Alicia Soto – Horjarasca from Spain and POST THEATER joined forces for this interdisciplinary dance performance. They collaborated on this explorations of gravity. What can this physical force mean beyond physics? Gravity provides us with orientation, but also limits us by pulling us down to the ground. When we are in zero-gravity, the idea of top and bottom vanishes. Freedom, anxiety and disconnection to reality meet when we leave the world that we take for granted.
In “Super Gravity Zero Gravity” both performers and the audience lose their orientation and their sense of reality: live performers interact with projected performers and live movement meets video art in the “Gravity Box”. This installation combines live video art and pre-produced video images by arranging performance spaces and video screens in unusual relationship to each other. This allows the dancers to perform in zero gravity and new dimensions for the choreography.

Premiere and Touring

Teatro Liceo, Salamanca, June 2009
as part of the 5th Int. Festival des Artes Castilia y Leon, Salamanca, Spain.

The project was touring to Valladolid, Burgos and Leon.


Artistic direction and dramaturgy: Alicia Soto, Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Choreography: Alicia Soto
Media art: Hiroko Tanahashi
Performance: Maya Lipsker, Alicia Soto, Alberto Velasco, Mikel Aristegui
Music and sound design: Sibin Vassilev
Text: Alberto Velasco
Light design and technical director: Fabian Bleisch
Stage installation: Max Schumacher
Stage engineer: Jörg Schildbach
Costume design: Marion Reddmann
Technical tour directors: Augustin Bastard, Cesteros
Production Management: Artfab, Augustin Bastard, Cia. Alicia Soto – Hojarasca

Co-production with Siglo Foundation, Junta de Castilla-león
Support: Inaem, Ministerio de Cultura, Ayuntamiento de Serrada, Dock 11, Berlin, Artfab Berlin, Casa de las Artes de Laguna de Duero, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Sophienkultur, Berlin