Fisch in Dir
A Rule-Based Performance Concept for Everybody

Fisch in Dir

A piece on identities in transition, a performance concept for non-professional performers that enables them to do a professional performance – FiD is all of that.

post theater has worked with performance-manuals for professional collaborators in order to allow both a solid structure to a piece and yet freedom within the rules provided by the manual. In “FiD” for the first time non-professional performers are confronted with a performance manual. Anyone can work with this manual and create a performance about fish and themselves in transition.
Fish is a symbol for transitory states. Fish can change from herbivore to carnivore, from sweet water to seawater. Some fish can even change their sex. People often are in such transitory states – especially teenagers, or senior citizens after their retirement. Anyone who is changing his or her stable position is a good candidate to join “fish in you”.

Premiere and Touring

Premiere of the first version was in Lübeck in 2014, additional versions were presented in Kaliningrad (RU) and Lübeck in 2015 and 2016.


Artistic directors: Marno Schulze, Max Schumacher, Hiroko Tanahashi
Video art: Hiroko Tanahashi / Yoann Trellu
Fish-masks: Marion Reddmann
Dance / choreography advisors: Maria Pyatkova, Lorenz Huber, Elisabeth Pelz
Music teacher: Jonathan Shapiro

Text, music, movement, acting, dramaturgy: the performers themselves
Project management: Marno Schulze

“fish in you” is a cooperation between Musikhochschule Lübeck (Music Conservatory Lübeck), der Musikschule der Gemeinnützigen Lübeck, KinderWege gGmbH, der Geschwister-Prenski-Schule und der Schule an der Wakenitz
Funded in part by the Federal Ministry of Education and in parts by the Possehl Foundation as well as the Musikhochschule.