House of Hope
A Utopian Approach to the Crisis of Housing

House of Hope

Everybody resides somewhere, but it becomes difficult to find an affordable flat. In most cities around the world the increase in prices (rental or property) is a number one topic. Many people are forced to move into less attractive neighborhoods due to gentrification. House of Hope starts a new movement against the crisis of housing.
Housing is a basic human right. And houses are a commodity. Many topics around this market are related to one another: gentrification, globalization, refugee migration, rent-regulations, laws on energy-standards… post theater has done research and then started imagining new forms of living, residing and city planning. A different future of housing. A House of Hope is possible!

post theater blends facts and fiction in their post-documentary approach to theater that engages with the audience in various ways, using odd surveys, strange a-capella singing and funny power-point animations.

The piece won the Stuttgart Theater Award 2017 (State of Baden-Württemberg Award for Theater).

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Premiere and Touring

Premiere: Wilhelmspalais Stuttgart, March 2012.

Press Quotes
“The reflection on the crisis of housing is presented by a sarcastic team of moderators who manage both satire as well as realism. The piece is well paced and safely handed, provocing both laughter and outrage…viciously intelligent theater!” (Thomas Morawitzky in Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 5.3.2016)

“A dilligently researched dark depiction… impressive!”
(Ute Büsing on Inforadio, 10.3.2016)

„post theater analyses painstakingly well the situation and keeps a sense for social dynamics of ever-day-life…. The piece offers avantgarde chracteristics … and dramaturgically pointly placed conflicts.”
(Tom Mustroph in Neues Deutschland, 11.3.2016)


Artistic direction: Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Text: Max Schumacher
Dramaturgy: Michael Müller
Performers: Johanna Diekmeyer, Mareile Metzner, Matthias Horn, Patrick Khatami
Media Art: Yoann Trellu, Hiroko Tanahashi
Music, sound design: Sibin Vassilev
Architecture consultants: Umschichten Architekten, ONarchitektur
Technical direction, light design: Ingo Jooss, Elliot Bursch
PR and press contact: Heike Diehm, k3berlin
Production management: Mario Stumpfe, artkrise

Funded by LAFT-BW / Ministery of Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Fonds Darstellende Künste. Co-produced by Theaterdiscounter Berlin. Supported by Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart.