An Animation Theater Parcours


In a walk-through media-performance the audience can experience fantastic adventures of the wild boy Matz sailing with his bath tub to the South Pacific. And Mr. Chips, the fish-head exploring a new world. And an old fish remembering how he saved a man from drowning. The visitors witness adventures in fantasy worlds that are strangely familiar.
“Aquarama” is an alternative theme-park with animated film, theater and media art, inspired by a range of stories, fairy tales, legends and myths of different cultural backgrounds.

„Aquarama“ is a combination of a theater performance, installation art and animated film. This immersive experience is for a very small audience (maximum of 10 persons, but up to 12 performance / day) – in order to create a truly unique and memorable performance.

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Premiere and Touring

Premiere: National Gallery of Singapore within the Childrens’ Biennale, 2017


Idea / concept / stories: Hiroko Tanahashi
Artistic direction: Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Animation artists: Johannes Krohn, Silvia Sardellaro
Dramaturgy: Max Schumacher
Sound design/music: Sibin Vassilev
Performers: various (local to venue)
Voice actors: Daniel Brunet, Catherine Duquette, Carrie Getman, Tomas Sinclai Spencer, Shaun Lawton (English version)
Installation, costume: Marion Reddmann, Roman Koch
Production management: Mario Stumpfe

Some segments have been funded by the cultural department of the City of Stuttgart, the LAFT Baden-Württemberg / State of Baden Württemberg, Fonds Darstellende Künste (Federal Foundation for Performing Arts). Other segments have been funded by the Kirchentag Berlin 2017. Part of the projects have been realized within Hiroko Tanahashi’s fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. The English version was partially funded by the Senate for Culture, State of Berlin.