ZoO0Mer Time

ZoO0Mer Time

2020 propelled video conferences into many people’s lives. They cause highly ambivalent responses, as they are cause for a lot of annoyance, boredom and fatigue. BUT: these digital tools are a great potential for the performing arts. Not so much to perform from home to home, but also to create video effects and new ways of interactivity for performers in real time. “ZoO0Mer Time” is a workshop that combines smartphones with laptop-based video conferences in ways that are unprecedented and not intended by the platform providers. The workshop can be adjusted for practitioners from backgrounds in dance, theater and other types of performing arts.


The workshop has been taught (under different names and in variations) online for Theater- and Spiel-Beratung Baden-Württemberg (Heidelberg), Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg / E-Werk Freiburg and M.A.D.E. program by DIN A13, Cologne – all in the Fall of 2020.


Participants need to have a lap-top based access to ZOOM and a bluetooth capable Smartphone with both back and front camera, and ideally a head-set. The workshop can be held in any length from 1 to 5 days.