Post Theater’s most recent project is an exploration on funeral culture. How does who want to do what for the last rites de passage? In increasingly religiously and culturally diverse societies there are more divergent concepts of the rituals for mourning. Post Theater has assembled a diverse cast and embarked with them on a research that reflects on a broad variety of different traditions and concepts of funerals.

There is more than just burying or cremating. More than graveyards and the open sea. There are many ways to gather friends and family of the dead, including choices of locations, speeches, music, food. In “SepulTour” Post Theater takes the audience to an immersive installation that consists of coffins as central furniture. Everybody will be asked, how she or he envisions her or his own funeral – while having the view framed by the coffin.

Post Theater has developed again a new way to combine video projections and a spatial installation – and live theatrical acting. Is it a sad affair? Not at all – funerals are ways to create meaningful performances that not only help the mourners to deal with their grief, but might give them hope. “SepulTour” links, like before “SPOOKAI”, traditions of the Post Theater’s artistic directors, that is from Japan and Europe, but expands them to a more universal piece.

Post Theater is glad to have gathered a team of actors they have known for a long period of time – artists they have aged with together and who all have been dealing with the subject matter personally over the last years. “SepulTour” is a co-production that will be presented in March 2022 in its favorite city Stuttgart, as well as in the company’s new hub city, Dresden.

“SepulTour” has received a generous grant from the Neustart Kultur Programm TakeAction by the federal government of Germany, as well as from the Kulturamt Stuttgart and the Kulturamt Dresden. Post Theater is generously supported as company-in-residence by the Societaetstheater Dresden.

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Premiere and Touring

March 2022

Funding and Co-Production

Funded by the Kulturamt Stuttgart, the Kulturamt Dresden and the Fonds Darstellende künste “TakeAction” schemel out funding by the Federal Government.


Artistic direction:
Sound and music: 
Stage installation:  
Costumes, props:
Textile works:
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Production management: 



Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher
Mareile Metzner, Mary Ye Myint, Eray Egilmez, Alexander Schröder
Max Schumacher
Sibin Vassilev
Yoann Trellu and Hiroko Tanahashi
Michl Schmidt
Marion Reddmann
Ingrid Mitterer
Heike Diehm
Mario Stumpfe