The barber as intriguing figure
between social layers


POST THEATER moderates a performance-process with 48 future barbers, 10 teenage rock-musicians, 36 choir members of the State Opera, 2 professional actors and 96 audience members. Many of both, performers and audience members will be virgins to the institution and genre of opera. In a performative installation, they will be confronted with Figaro and Co – while services around the audiences’ hair will be provided in intimate one-to-one encounters between audience and performers. Does the hair dresser’s booth turn into a confession’s chair or a therapy couch?

The project can be re-staged and adjusted for other participants of the beauty- and cosmetics industries. It can be both a workshop as well as a public performance.

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Premiere and Touring

State Opera Berlin (Werkstatt im Schillertheater),
October 2010


RBB Radio Report


Artistic direction: Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher, Rainer O. Brinkmann
Performers: Peter Trabner, Alexander Schröder, students in hairdressing of OSZ Körperpflege School, Konzertchor der Staatsoper im Schiller Theater,
musicians of Jugendzentrum Spirale der Ufa Fabrik
Theater director: Max Schumacher

Band leader Michél Kollar

Choir conductor: Frank Flade

Choir arrangement: Arn Aske

Media art, light design: Hiroko Tanahashi, Yoann Trellu

Sound design: Hugo Saldías, Sibin Vassilev

Research and dramaturgy for guided tour part: Verena Harzer

Choreography battle-scene: Maria Pyatkova

Project coordinator: Nils Strunk

Hair advisor: Petra Biernoth

Commissioned and funded by the State Opera Berlin, co-funded by the Senat of Culture, Berlin.