Democratizing Commemoration with Smart Technology


The audience is greeted by a Taiwanese historian (performed by TU Shih-Hue) and an architect (WU Po-Fu). They provide some basic background on how peace with neighboring countries requires a mutual agreement on history. They also report on why monuments still matter in times of the digital revolution – or even more than ever. Finally, they come to a point of the evening’s gathering. The audience will be invited to participate in co-creating a future monument for Japan…

“Nonuments” features a custom-developed internet-based polling platform. The data by the audience truly causes the 3D-model to transform in real time, with all layers of attributes based on the audience’s feedback via their private smartphones. Every night a different monument has been generated this way. This system has been designed and programmed by the IoTtalk Lab (internet of things) of the computer science department of National Chiao Tung University. The result is projected on a four-channel video installation with an inflatable cube, designed by Prof. LIN Tien.
Under the direction of Prof. Chao-Ming TUNG, graduate music composition students have created a sound-scape that follows the audience’s decisions. Referencing to different eras of music history in the West, Japan and Taiwan depending on the context.

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Premiere and Touring

Premiere: November 16th, 2019,
6th Fuel Factory, Hsinchu, Taiwan




Post Theater has been invited to create this performance in collaboration with National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan.


Artistic Directors: Hiroko TANAHASHI, Max SCHUMACHER
Performers: Shih-Hue TU, Po-Fu WU
IoT technology: NCTU IoTtalk team: Prof. Yi-Bing LIN, Prof. Chang-Chieh CHENG
Technology Integration: Chung-Yun (Phoebe) HSIAO, Yin-Jui HSU, Zih-Xiang WEN
Interactive 3D Graphics, Programming Design and Development: Chung-Yun (Phoebe) HSIAO
Full Stack Web Design and Development: Li-Kuan CHEN, Yin-Jui HSU, Zih-Xiang WEN, Chung-Yun(Phoebe) HSIAO
Music / Sound Design: Chao-Ming TUNG, Xiao-Han CHEN and others
Stage Installation: Tien LING with Yu-Chieh YANG, Sih-Ci YUEH, Lu-Chi CHAN, Zhih-            Lu LIN, Chih-Hsuan WU, Yu-Ching HUANG
Light Design: Yu-Chieh YANG
Video Support: Yoann Trellu, Wei-Wei TSENG, I-Chen HSU
Project Manager: Ying-Ju CHEN
Head of Production: Wen-Shu LAI
Photography and Video Documentation: Kao Shi WEN