Monumental X-Mas
A Re-Rendered German Folklore Tradition with Edible Landmarks
A Performative Installation as an Alternative X-Mas Celebration

Monumental X-Mas

Ginger-bread houses are an old German tradition. Especially before Christmas, these edible buildings are either made at home or bought from patisseries. POST THEATER re-interprets this tradition by transforming significant monuments and landmark buildings into edible houses.
Like architectural scale models, they are smaller versions of real buildings, constructed out of ginger-bread dough.

The project takes two cities as points of departure, bridging seemingly unrelated places – a post theater home and a hosting city. In its first version, landmark monuments of Berlin and Taipei were chosen as models for ginger-bread houses.

The project researches the functions of monuments in the making of history today.
The dough-buildings are planned by local architects. Different groups of participants then build these models in workshops, while discussing the monuments at hand.

After exhibiting the results of the workshops at a gallery, in a performance with all workshop participants as well as a general public will use the models as set for a live-video-puppet performance. The performance leads to a disaster to the ginger-bread-city: it will be devoured / enjoyed – by the audience.

The first version took place at Christmas 2008. The workshop and gallery partner was Taipei Artist Village. The final performance was presented at and by Deutsches Kulturzentrum Taipei (now Goethe Institute Taipei).

This project can be adapted for any city and also outside the X-mas season. The length of the workshop depends on the number of monuments build and the age of the participants. The project is suitable for children, adults and senior citizens. It accommodates and collaborates with all kinds of people, including local architects and chefs.

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Premiere and Touring

December 2008, Taipei


Artistic directors: Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher
Architect (Berlin monuments): Christian Fuchs
Architects (Taipei monuments):  NTCU architecture students of prof. June-Hao HOU
Production manager (for TAV): Chin MU