An Exhibition on Fairy Tale Architecture


There are various types of buildings appearing in the Brother Grimms’ fairy tales. Some are well-known, like the ginger-bread house. Others are forgotten about, such as the iron stove prison. Often they indicate social circumstances, often they are part of an inheritance.
post theater has invited architects, graphic designers, animators and artists of various disciplines to work on these motives and created an exhibition that consists of seemingly authentic artefacts, artistic interpretations as well as realistic and speculative recreations of the “original” buildings on which the fairy tales were based on. Over the course of a guided tour through an exhibition, the audience finds themselves increasingly in a fairy-tale drama.

The performance is for all generations, the performers manage to address different age groups on their specific levels simultaneously.

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Premiere and Touring
Press Quotes

“The independent theater group post theater, known for their experimental performances and media art, lives up to their reputation. …
The longer you are listening to the remarks by the resourceful lady with the comforting narration voice, the more deeper you are following her into the catacombs underneath the Tagblatt Tower, to strange objects, the more the guided tour is revealed as witty confusion. The audience is served a lot of fairy tales….
The idea of “WitchesHutsDreamPalaces” is truly magic”

(Julia Lutzeyer, Stuttgarter Zeitung)


Artistic direction: Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Text, dramaturgy: Max Schumacher, Mario Stumpfe and the cast
Performers: Mareile Metzner, Erbil Ayalp, Patrick Khatami, Max Schumacher
Music, soundesign: Sibin Vassilev
Trickfilm: Johannes Krohn (director), Hiroko Tanahashi
Media art, programming: Yoann Trellu
Costumes: Marion Reddmann
Exhibits: Robert Voss, Stephan Henrich, Christian Fuchs, Michl Schmidt, PRAGMATA (Angelina Kartsaki, Sebastian Schlemminger), Marion Reddmann,
Studio Umschichten, Timm Henger, Andre Schmidt (MATTER – Architecture and Urban Planning), Hiroko Tanahashi, Vincent Krempf
Voice actors: Matthias Horn, Ilka Teichmüller, Eray Egilmez, Mareile Metzner, Patrick Khatami
Photography and design: Hiroko Tanahashi
Technical director Stuttgart: Doris Schopf
Pressagent: k3berlin
Production management: Mario Stumpfe
A production by post theater in coproduction with FITZ!, funded by the Department for Culture, City of Stuttgart and Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.