Beau Fort 10
Is the Sky the Limit?

Beau Fort 10

“Beau Fort 10” reflects the dream of flying. Performer Maren Strack merges with balloons, wings and propellers – all of these become projection screens for video images of sky-diving. Amelia Earhart and Elly Beinhorn were heroines of aviation in the 30ies, famous for their long-distance flights around the world. Did these pilots fly for fame – or did they need stardom to be able to finance their addiction to the wind? This documentary performance deals with the role for female pioneers in aviation history as well as the possibilities of stage technology. Strack is exploring the limitations of her choreographic and dance skills within a highly complex technical setup.

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Premiere and Touring

Deutsches Museum Munich, Dezember 2006


Work-in-progress showings were at Kunstraum Syltquelle (Sylt), Schwankhalle Bremen, PACT Zollverein (Essen).


Press Quotes

It is an extremely interesting subject matter for a dance performance, since hovering / floating is the dancer’s dream as much as flying is the human being’s dreaming per se. “WitchesHutsDreamPalaces” is truly magic”
(Sylvia Stammen in Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 29th, 2006)

… with a lot of irony, sense of humor and with the body in movement.
.. Hiroko Tanahashi enchants the live-movements again and again to video-illusions. When Strack mutates to a huge butterfly by using two big fans under her arms, and Tanahashi “draws” miniature reproductions of this winged creature on top of it, a surprising revue takes place. And with Maren Strack’s bright charisma might additionally seduce courageous audiences to try flying.
(M.Gradinger in Münchner Merkur, December 29th, 2006)


performer / choreography / co-concept / co-director: Maren Strack
video / installation / co-concept / co-director: Hiroko Tanahashi
text / dramaturgy / co-concept / co-director: Max Schumacher
sound-design: Max Bauer
Voice actors: Ulrike Lau, Andreas Wald
Costume: Mikyong Yeom, Sarah Pontius
Wind- machine engineer: Peter Buchheit

Funded by Kulturreferat der LH München, Bayrisches Landeszentrum für zeitgenössischen Tanz.
Supported by Deutsches Museum, München, Kunstraum Syltquelle, Rantum (Sylt)
Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Kunsthaus Schloss Broellin, PACT Zollverein, Essen.