SPOOKAI Finally Premiere

Societae Theater in Dresden, starting on March 25th 2021.

Premiere’s are always exciting: the thrill how audiences will like a new show and if the work is functioning as intended by the artistic team etc. In pandemic times there is the additional component if the premiere will be possible to happen in the first place. Due to a very clever hygiene concept and the restriction to one household the Societaetstheater in Dresden found a way to open the theater for SPOOKAI in a responsible and safe way, when almost all theatres in Europe are closed for live performances. Of course the praise needs to be extended to our performers, who are fortunately for the main part not affected by the pandemic, as they are Yokai, spirits. SPOOKAI will run for three weeks with up to 7 performances per day. Don’t be scared!
For more information about the further performance dates and tickets, please visit HERE.