Heavenly Bento
Multimedia documentary theater based on the history of SONY
6 Feet Deeper
On Calamity Jane and railroad history
The first chapter of the tiropgy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
Figure 8 Race Remix
On the ambivalence of movement in the relationship between the body and cars
The second chapter of the tiropgy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
Beau Fort 10
On female figures in aivation history
The last chapter of the trilogy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
Monumental X-Mas [with photo documentation]
Premiere: December 2007

Edible landmarks for an altenative X'mas celebration.

Premiere: December 2008, Berlin
A music theater performance about and with a large instrument, performed by five different artists

Fight Club: A Chorus
Premiere: October 2008, Berlin
A Massive Theater Choreography for 48 Performers

Napoleon D.
Premiere: April 2008, Berlin

A show about men, the internet, politics, sex. Oh, and dance.
skinSITEs series
On-going-site-specific multimedia performance series
per-vilion [with video documentation]
An inter-disciplinary approach to performance, space and media
Now version IV available "Flatland" (premiered in Salamanca, 2008)

Super Graivty Zero Gravity
Premiere: May 13th, 2009 at the 5th Int. Festival des Artes Castilia y Leon, Salamanca, Spain
A multi-media performance in different dimensions

In collaboration with Alicia Soto - Hojarasca

Fish-Tales: The Only Tuna (solo version)
Premiere: August 2009, Zurich
First performance of a series on globalization, identity and a precious resource: fish

Fish-Tales: The Only Tuna (Trio version)
Premiere: March 2010, Berlin
Complete version with three fish: cod, herring and tuna.


Schnittstelle Figaro
Premiere: October 2010, Berlin
Musical theater-performance about and with future haircutters.

The Four of the Gas Station
Premiere: December 2010, Berlin
A theatrical experience on the resources petroleum and friendship

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