March 23rd, 2017 – 8:00 PM    World-PREMIERE March 24th/ 25th / 26th , 2017 – 8:00 PM Ballhaus Ost - Pappelallee 15 - 10437 Berlin Tickets 15 / 10 Euro Performance is in English language!

Space exploration has always been a political matter. In the Cold War space became a theater for a battle of ideologies - the so called Space Race. Who are the combatants in today’s space technology and space journeys? What world views are forged in outer space now? It is said that all borders disappear when you watch Earth from the orbit - and so do centres of power and their periphery. West-Germany, East-Germany, Bulgaria - these were all prime examples of satellite states to the Superpowers USSR and USA. And yet there had been invited to fly along into space - partially out of technical necessity, partially for diplomatic/political reasons.

In a Bulgarian-German coproduction post theater (West) and SubHuman Theatre (East) imagine a forgotten about space station from the past - with its surviving crew - one female kosmonaut and one male astronaut. How do they respond to a world with changing geopolitical centres and new constellations of power - on Earth as well as in space?

Two expert media-theater companies have joined forces for the first time to combine documentary theater with science fiction, blending media art with acting. For one world is not enough. post theater is one of Germany’s leading media-theater-companies. For more than 15 years the team under the artistic direction of Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher has been presenting works at media-art-, dance- and theater festivals around the world. In Berlin they most recently presented “I in Wonderland” with more than 200 sold-out performances at Theaterdiscounter. Their recent work “House of Hope” just won the Stuttgart Theater Award 2015. SubHuman Theatre Is a company run by stage-designer, media artist, director and performer Venelin Shurelov. He is professor for media art at the National Academy for Visual Arts, Sofia. His works have been presented internationally. His recent work “Rotor” has been invited to Ars Electronica, Linz in 2016.

post theater in 50 Worten

post theater ist eine Multi-Media-Performance Company, geleitet von Hiroko Tanahashi (MFA Design & Technology, Parsons School of Design, New York) und Max Schumacher (MA Performance Studies, New York University). Seit 1999 haben sie über 50 Produktionen in über 20 Ländern in Asien, Europa und den US erarbeitet und gezeigt.

Weitere 40 Worte über post theater

ppost theater kreiiert Performances, in denen die Rolle des Publikums hinterfragt wird. Multi-mediale Installationen helfen, PerformerInnen und ZuschauerInnen auf eine der Produktion angemessenen Art im Raum zu arrangieren. Klangkunst, Video und Raumkonzept sind dabei den PerformerInnen ebenbürtige Elemente.

Und noch mal 60 Worte zu post theater

post theater erarbeitet seine Stücke mit intensiven Recherchen. Die oft dokumentarische Praxis vermeidet aber nicht Fiktion, sondern generiert diese passend zum Thema. Manche Performances haben eine Erzählung, ander nicht - alle aber haben eine stringente Dramaturgie - egal ob Schauspiel oder Tanz. Alle Komponenten einer Performance - Video, Musik, Sounddesign, Text etc. - werden von post theater KünstlerInnen als für ein Stück eigens erstellt.